Monday, January 31, 2011

Cornmeal Waffles

And I ate them all!!! No, not really. I played nice and shared. These were the cornmeal waffles from Vegan Brunch. Thus far I had only tried the chocolate beer waffles, and while they are amazing, I figured it was time to branch out a little. These were the only others that I could make with ingredients I had on hand--though I do plan to get around to the ginger ones and also the Chelsea waffles eventually. While I'm not a huge pancake fan (too dense) I love me some waffles, so it was a happy day when I realized that there were so many different types possible. These ones were interesting. Interesting good, but still interesting. They use quite a bit of cornmeal so they had a bit of a grainy texture and they had the cornmeal flavor, yet were also sweet. I enjoyed them. Another thing that I love about waffles is that the remainders can just be bagged up, popped in the freezer, and then reheated in the toaster Eggo style whenever your heart desires. These didn't even need maple syrup to be fabulous. I just popped them in the toaster and ate them plain on my walk to school--brought some warmth to my cool morning.

Do you have a favorite waffle recipe or flavor?

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  1. sounds delicious - like a corn bread/waffle hybrid! I can't imagine that it wouldn't be delicious!