Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sauteed Plantains

While at the Mexican supermarkets the other day I picked up a ripe plantain to try my hand at cooking one up. There's a recipe in Viva Vegan but it uses a lot of oil, so I followed the instructions I found at Healthy.Happy.Life instead, which is the same thing I realized just using less oil. It's pretty simple, but it was my first time, so I was approaching with caution. Having never made plantains before I thought that this would be more dessert-like than it was, but no, it's definitely more a side or mix-in for a main dish instead. Although, I bet doctored up with some sugar, nuts, or chocolate it would be a fantastic dessert.

Kathy (H.H.L.) has some fabulous looking recipes using plantains (this Mexican Couscous Power Bowl looks great) as does Terry in her cookbook, so next time I'll try something a little more complex.

I just realized there were a whole bunch of firsts for me recently: jicama, hijiki, chia seeds, and now plantains. Fun stuff! My friend Kelly over at Kohlrabi and Quince is trying one new food a week (this week is hominy) and blogging about it, maybe I've been inspired!

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