Monday, May 17, 2010

Seitan and Broccoli in Spicy Orange Sauce

So, I made my own seitan! For the first time ever! I'd been a little intimidated, but after hearing that it really is easy and since it's so expensive in the stores, I went for it. I followed the recipe for the red seitan from Viva Vegan! to fabulous results. It's a little messy in the beginning, but then I ended up with 4 loaves like the one above. It was absolutely delicious. So much more flavor than the packaged variety, a better texture too. I'm converted, I will always make this from scratch now if possible.

My original plan for dinner was to make pecan-crusted seitan from The Kind Diet (on loan from the library), but that needed to marinate for three hours and I just didn't have the time for that. I did plan accordingly later in the week, so that will be coming up.

Instead I made the seitan in spicy orange sauce from Vegan Fire & Spice. I steamed some broccoli and threw that in near the end as well. This dish was nice and simple, tasted great over rice, but was nothing amazing. I would have liked if the sauce got a little thicker. It had corn starch in to thicken it, which it did, but it was still pretty runny even after cooking for a bit. I didn't want to overcook the broccoli that I had already added, so I pulled it off and served it as is. I also didn't think this was spicy at all, so I added sriracha to mine.

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