Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chana Masala, Indian Style Spinach and Rice

I had a bit of downtime at work the other day and decided to spend it looking up a recipe for dinner. I had a hankering for chana masala, so I did a search on my iphone (yes, I usually don't have access to the internet at work...lame). That hindered my mad searching ability some, but I came across this recipe from the Orangette blog.

When I got green garlic from my CSA box earlier this year I made a veganized version of her green garlic soup to fabulous results so I decided to give this one a go. I didn't do the final couple add water and simmer steps becuase by this time we were incredibly hungry, so we called it good enough. I added soy yogurt and served it up. Very good.

I paired it with Indian style spinach from Alternative Vegan, which is spinach sauteed with about 8 spices. So much flavor, we love this recipe! We also had some basmati rice with these. Of course when we commenced eating our plates looked nothing like above, it's best all mixed together.

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