Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kale, Potato and Pumpkin Seed Enchiladas with Chile Sauce

These are the enchiladas from Veganomicon. I'd made them before, but I'd always cheated and used canned enchilada sauce to save time. This time I worked from scratch. The sauce is a combination of roasted peppers, roasted tomatoes, onions, and spices--all simmered and blended into a sauce. I also added a couple of chipotle peppers, because we like things spicy. The results were good, but it yielded a much thicker sauce than I'd expected.

The fillings are made up of smooshed potato, kale sauteed in lime juice and toasted pumpkin seeds. I double the amount of kale called for because I like that ratio of kale:potato better, and also that way I don't have a bunch of kale wilting away in my fridge.

We served this up with some lime and chile refried beans and mexican beer.

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