Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lentils In Onion Gravy, Rice, and Stir-fried Red Chard

This was a use up what's in the pantry kind of dinner. I look at what I have, then take a look in several cookbooks until I come across a winner (one that sounds good and works with the things I have on hand). This lentil recipe is from Vegan Fire and Spice. It tasted much better than it looks in this photo. Poor lentils, they just don't photograph too well. Chard, on the other hand, always looks pretty.

The lentils were cooked up with lots of onions and garlic, then simmered with water and spices. Some soy yogurt was thrown in the end to give it some thickness.

I cooked up the chard like so: heat up some peanut and sesame oil in a wok, add garlic, add (cleaned, chopped) chard, stir and let wilt a bit. Then add a splash of soy sauce and mirin, and continue stirring until completely wilted. This is our favorite way to serve up greens, it is incredibly tasty!

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