Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Curried Rice and Beans Stuffed Zucchini

This recipe from Vive Le Vegan! was one of the first I made after becoming vegan. I had borrowed the cookbook from the library and this was the one recipe I had a chance to make from it. It was fabulous. I received the book for Christmas, so I was happy to make it again. Zucchini this time of year are small, so it was more smothered zucchini than stuffed, but it's great anyway. The filling is a mixture of grains, raisins, beans, curry paste, tahini, molasses, spices, and cashews. It seems like they wouldn't come together beautifully, but they do!

I added a little less than the called for grains and a little more than called for beans, because that's how I roll. This recipe uses pre-cooked cold grains, so any kind you have leftover will work perfectly and this can come together extremely quick for a good weeknight dinner.

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