Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vegetables Korma and Sauteed Spinach

This Vegetables Korma recipe is also from this month's Vegetarian Times. It was mediocre. I had already been running around to several stores (the drill having to go to multiple groceries to find everything needed for the week) and was tired of looking for the perfect pack of frozen vegetables for this, so I went with a bag from Trader Joe's that included corn, red peppers, and edamame. Admittedly, not the best vegetables for an Indian inspired dish. I will take some of the blame for this failing, but the sauce which I didn't tweak wasn't all that great either. It was made from tomatoes, ginger, and onions. It tasted mostly like onion and just didn't go down well. The other items included, besides spices, were chickpeas and almonds. I served this over brown rice.

The spinach was the saving grace of this dish. I just cooked it up in a drop of oil with soy sauce and mirin. As long as there was enough spinach in each bite it tasted alright. Anyway, as you can guess I don't recommend this recipe, not even to try and make it better.

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