Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Gigantic Bag of Daiya, Batman!!!

Well said, Robin! So, yeah that's a lot of Daiya. It's 5 pounds, and it's in my house, and it was free! As of April first every Whole Foods in the nation is carrying retail bags of Daiya (that's not what this is though). I'd tried it at Amici's Pizzeria before and it was melty gooey goodness, so once it was locally available I had to have some. I went to my local WF on April second determined to get some. I searched near where the other vegan cheeses are, I searched near the dairy cheese and the pre-sliced meat and pre-shredded cheese area, all to no avail. I finally asked an employee and he told me that they'd gotten in the wrong order, a five-pound bag of each type), and wouldn't have it available for sale for another week or so. I asked if I could possibly buy a pound out of the bag and he said he'd see what he could do. He comes back out with both enormous bags and says that I'd have to take the whole thing, so which one do I want. I'm thinking "crap, what am I gonna do with all that cheese?!" But, instead I say "I'll take the Italian Blend." He whips out his handy-dandy sharpie and writes the magic words "customer sample" and tells me they're just gonna give it to me since they can't use it! Vegan score of the month possibly?! The use by date on this baby is June, so hopefully we'll come up with some creative uses for all that cheese. If anyone is in the Santa Cruz area and wants some, I'd be happy to share.


  1. hey! you're a santa cruz vegan food blogger, so am i! how is it possible that we haven't met up yet? btw, i'd love some daiya. i've been itching to get my hands on it. i found your blog by googling "santa cruz daiya"—it looks like you have the only hook-up in town! and cheeze aside, it would be cool to meet up sometime!

  2. @Sophia: I got this from the Capitola WF, I'm not sure if the SC one is having the same problem, but I was assured that they will have it in stock soon in Capitola. In the meantime I'd be happy to give you a container or bag full if we could work it out. I like your blog; just added it to my blogroll. I've been wanting to go to the Japanese and Indian markets over the hill to pick up some interesting goodies--looks like you and Amey got a good haul!

  3. i really would love some if you're willing to share it. my email is sophia dot magnone at gmail, let's work it out there!