Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tamarind Orange Glazed Tofu

My original plan for dinner was to make the the panko crusted tofu with tamarind raspberry glaze from The Urban Vegan. I have been wanting to make that dish since I got that book. I finally tracked down the tamarind paste at a local store, but I couldn't remember what the other necessary items were, alas I did not have all that I required so I searched out a different tamarind tofu recipe that I could do with what I had in the house. I decided on this one from poopiebitch. The only thing I did differently was before adding the sauce to the cooked tofu I added some steamed asparagus; we served it over brown rice. I thought this was just alright. It was overly sweet, as long as there wasn't too much extra sauce in a bite it was fine, but otherwise sickeningly sweet. The sauce also never really became much of a glaze for me. I left it to cook for longer than the 5 minutes but nothing much happened, maybe some corn starch or arrowroot would have helped this along, but I gave up because my asparagus was starting to look quite sad from having cooked so long. Anyway, I wouldn't make this again, and I look forward to finally getting my list together and having all the ingredients to finally make the UV's version.

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