Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes

After reading on multiple blogs how amazing these little guys from Vegan Brunch are I just had to try them out. Have to say they're pretty darn tasty. I've never had a crab cake before (in fact I'd never even seen one until the evening that I made these--I went to a work function and that was one of the appetizers, they looked spot-on) so I can't say how these fare similarity-wise, but I don't think anyone who enjoys tempeh would be disappointed.

I did have a little trouble getting the cakes to stay together while I cooked them. These three were the prettiest, and that's why they got their photo taken. Just a tip if you're planning on making these: make sure you have plenty of oil in your pan and that it's hot before you drop the cake in. They seemed to be more prone to breaking when they didn't start cooking right away. I'm a little oil-phobic when I cook, so I had to add more to make these work.

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