Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rainforest Stir-Fry

Wow. Oh my God, wow. Those were the words that escaped my lips after taking my first bite of dinner tonight. This little gem is from reFresh; everything I've made from this book has been great, this was spectacular. The main part of the stir-fry consists of tofu, baby bokchoy, and tomato. I left out red onion because I'm not a fan, and added some mango chunks and jalapeno. After these are warm and the greens are wilted, cooked soba noodles and a spicy mango sauce were added. The mango chunks I added were the remnants from making mango juice for the sauce (I couldn't find plain mango juice at the store so I just put half a mango in my Vita Mix and blended it up--it was more puree, but it got the job done). The sauce also consisted of grapefruit and lemon juice, jalapeno, some more liquids, an entire bunch of cilantro, and then some corn starch to thicken it up a bit. After mixing, it just needed to come to a boil then simmer for 20 minutes; this left plenty of time to prep all the other ingredients.

It was served with orange slices to garnish. This dish was fantastic. It had sweet, it had savory, and it had spicy--amazing. The only things I think might make it more amazing are the addition of mushrooms (which I'll try next time) and maybe some bean sprouts on top for a bit of a crunch.

I halved the recipe and still made a whole lot. Before the veggies had cooked down my wok was overflowing (it's cooked in half-batches in the book). We'll be having this for lunch tomorrow and I'm quite certain it will be great served cold as well!

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