Sunday, November 22, 2009

Citrus Glitters

These little sparkly beauties also come from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. They're a lovely citrus version of a sugar cookie.

I was not a fan of the preparation for these cookies. It required using a hand mixer; mine is crazy and always makes a mess (I place a towel over the mixing bowl and use that to keep most of the flyaway contained. The resulting batter then resembled wood shavings, it was very odd. I just had to take a handful of the crumbles/shavings and start pressing them together and they would stay, but I'd never seen anything like it before.

Sugar cookies aren't my favorite, but these were definitely an improvement on the traditional.


  1. hey vegan niche!!
    I just found your blog, because I was searching on "citrus glitters." I'm another SC vegan - maybe we should have a meetup sometime! There are a few of us blogging vegans locally... and we have little get togethers and pot lucks sometimes. In fact, we just had a bake sale yesterday!
    :) Amey
    (vegan eats and treats)

  2. Amey,
    I'm a regular reader of your blog and I would love to meet up sometime! I was out of town over the weekend but otherwise I would have stopped by the bake sale. Looks like you guys had some amazing treats and a great turnout!