Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Orange Agave Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just a warning: we might be a little cookie crazy here for a while. I just got Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and the holidays are quickly approaching, I will probably be making food stuffs for most of my local friends and colleagues.

This was the first recipe I tried from VCIYCJ, honestly they're just alright. The flavor is great, with the orange and chocolate coming together (how can you argue with that?!), but they're quite dry. They don't seem like they would be because they don't crumble, but you'll definitely need to be drinking a thing (or two) while eating these.

One of my cats, Brody, enjoyed watching me make these. He lies around in such a silly position (on his back with all his paws up; he turned a little bit to look at me while I took this pic) that I had to include a picture of him.

Anyway, there are all sorts of amazing sounding cookies in this book, it was really fun to read through and imagine the combinations. I'll be trying a different one next time.

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